Parish Council 11-27-2012

CALL TO ORDER:  7:05 by Ken
ATTENDANCE: Deacon Bobby Doxtator, Ken VandenHeuvel, Dave Rottier, Rich VanDenEng,   Donna        Laabs, Steve Adamski, Marie Shilka
PRAYER: Led by Deacon Bobby 
LAST MEETING MINUTES: 9-25-2012 approved as read  / may be submitted for the parish website via Joe Sikos.
NEW BUSINESS:  per Deacon Bobby / Our first joint first joint parish Leadership Meeting with Mark Magilka held at St J"s  was productive. 
DEACON BOBBY"S REPORT We have had three burials this year - Bob Kramer, Ethel Moore, Linda Garvey.  Dr. Joe Bound, Diocesen Head of Education, will provide presentations on the "CREED".  Father John and Dcn Bobby will schedule speakers for the "Year of Faith".  The diocese has employees available who would be able to present - to start in February.  Attended class:  Art and Science of Pastoral Planning presented by Mark Magilka.  Phase 1 is: "How can we work together as a linked parish?".  Mark and Deacon Bobby will be working on combining the parish mission statements to form one.  We need an Operating System Plan of forming a committee which will meet once a year. 
    FATHER JOHN"S REPORT:  December 8th is a very special day for our parish. The patron saint of our parish is the Virgin Mary. The parish should celebrate as a community and a parish.  We need to celebrate as one. Deacon Bobby will be back for the 4:00pm Christmas Eve Mass with Bishop Banks.
    FINANCE / JEFF: October was a good month..  All deposits have been made.
                               Cash on hand:     $62,749.87
                               Cemetery  Fund:  $61,562.36
                               Fund Raising :     $60,500.00 
                Haunted House deposits:    $63,060.00 / ticket sales
                                                        $ 1,008.00 / food tent profit
                                   Expenses      $11,085.95
                                  Profit to date   $52,982.05   Compared to 2011 / $40,000.00
   CHURCH ADDITION / JEFF:Cost is unknown.  Hopefully we will know before Christmas. Once the cost is known, we will need to meet to brainstorom how we meet that expense.
MAINTENANCE / JEFF: The parish cleanup was 2 weeks ago.  We will need plans for a sound proof confessional  with a window.  Dave DeCoster will build one as soon as there is a plan.
    KEN / : In two to three years we may need to expand the cemetery.
    WORSHIP / DONNA:  Rose Coenen, Donna and helpers will be decorating for Advent and Christmas on Dec. 23.  Patti Nellis will decorate the outside.  Need more parishioners to help with the ministeries.  Betty Rauscher of St J"s, will be scheduling a Liturical Planning  and Ministries Workshop for next fall.  Dec 4 will be our first Christmas choir practice.  We do need more singers for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.New missals will be placed in the pews. Mary VanSchindel will be scheduling families who wish to bring up the candle each Sunday. We need Dennis Eggener, Vertus Coordinator for IC, to obtain the list of people who attended the Vertus Training. There is a concern regarding IC"s communicants receiving first comunion at IC on April 28th.  This needs to be addressed.  Dennis Eggener and  Bonnire Baeten are on the Board of Education.
     SOCIAL CONCERNS / MARIE:  Our Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive went well and was distributed to pantries in Freedom and Green Bay.  We welcomed a new member - Patti Nellis- who is replacing Stacy Simpson who has relocated to another parish.   We will be sponsoring a second collection on Sunday, Dec 2nd to benefit our Christmas Adopt a Family.  Donations will be accepted through Dec 25th.  Our family consists of a mother, father and five children.  The plan is to give them a family gift plus gift cards. One half of our budge will be distributed to our usual recepients by the end of the year.  Respect Life and Circle of Love promotes praying the rosary before masses.  We will be sponsoring a Fat Sunday Breakfast on Feb 10 with donations to be used for the church expansion. 
NEXT MEETING:  January 22, 2013       HAPPY NEW YEAR
Respectfiully submitted,
Marie A. Shilka