Parish Council 9-25-2012

CALL TO ORDER: 7:00 pm by Ken VandenHeuvel
ATTENDANCE: Deacon Bobby Doxtator, Ken VandenHeuvel, Donna Laabs, Rich VandenEng,
Jeff Baeten, Pat Willems, Marie Shilka
PRAYER by Deacon Bobby Doxtator
LAST MEETING MINUTES: 6-26-12 approved as read.
NEW BUSINESS: We completed the Vision Statement, the Goal and Objective worksheets regarding the church addition.  We reviewed the Nominal Group Process and Diocesan Vision for 2010.  The Joint Family Activity Day will be held on October 14, 2012 at I.C. from 12:00 noon til?  There will be games, activities and fun for all. 
    DEACON BOBBY"S REPORT:  Met with Ken, Jeff and diocesan leadership including Mark Magilka.  Need to find ways for both parishes to go forward by working together.  Both parishes need to meet to address the shortage of priests.  Some churches no longer celebrate the Mass or are closing. We need to keep our parishes alive and vibrant..  How can we work together and still be vibrant , sepaate parishes.  Need to pick a couple of dates in January 2013.  January 12th and the 19th were sugessted.  Adult Faith Formation /  Discipleship---educator, Dr. Joe Bound, will present  :CREED" during lent.  
    FINANCE / JEFF:  Cash on hand =  $7,889.26
                                Cemetery      = $61,47306
                                Total                 $7,9913.27
$4,300 in bills; $1,138 in payroll; $1,000 above water; Stewardship: $8,000 in 2 months - July and August.  Need tp pay St J"s $6,000.
    MAINTENANCE / JEFF:  Black top has been coated and painted. The lawn cutting expenses were down due to less need to cut.  The roofs are new.
    HAUNTED HOUSE / JEFF: The Haunted House project is going well : one more night of construction, on going decorating, the food tents are scheduled and, the admission fee will be $13.00. 
     WORSHIP / DONNA: Veritus training to be scheduled with background checks for anyone in direct contact with children (minors) and individuals at risk. In addition, names need to be entered into the WI Court System  for a quick check.  Meeting with Betty Rauseler quarterly to discuss upcoming Masses for special days, time and place.  Will meet on 9-26-12 to discuss Advent and possibility of chairpersons of all ministries from both parishes to get together to discuss activities of  both parishes.  Would like to schedule a day - Oct 4th ?  to cover all ministry functions - altar servers to deacons.  The focus will be function, reverences and how we can all demonstrate this.  Discussed the need for Virtus training for communion distributors at Anna John Nursing Home.  Will have a penance service on 12 / 4th  @ 6 pm at St J"s for both parishes.  During Lent, it will be at IC.  The choir cantors at IC will be able to burn copies of the CD for the psalm and responses--as soon as the new books are in.  The Circle of Love, with Father John, continues to pray, meets monthly and will recite monthly prayers to be said by all, before Mass.  In Oct, the rosary will be prayed before Sunday Masses at 7:40.  Rosaries, provided by the Circle of Love, will be available on the pews to be used by all.  If needed, may be taken home.  Fall decorating will be done on 9/26 after Mass. The Liturgies Committee asked if Deacon Bobby would be able to discuss the upcoming seasons ahead of time in order that the schedulers have time to prepare.  Availability of priest for Christmas Eve?  Deacon Bobby with LOW and communion?  Activities: have the need to use the conference room to do all that is required of volunteers who come to work at the HH - increased paperwork and background checks.  Nov 11 is Stewardship Sunday.   Oct 9th, 10:00 am website meeting with Maureen Saliger.
    SOCIAL CONCERNS / MARIE: The Respect life Committee is a joint effort of both parishes. Rose Decoster and myself are members and coleaders.  40 days of prayer begins 9/26 through Nov 4th.  October is RESPECT LIFE month. There will be special activities on weekends after Mass. The SCCommittee is  sponsoring our Annual Food Drive to benefit local pantries.  It will run from Oct 28th to Nov 18th.  Our Annual Christmas Adopt Family Project:  This year, we will be collecting money to give to families in need in our parish.  Our annual budget is  $3,500.  One half of this wil be distributed before the end of the year.  We will meet on Nov 27.
    NEXT MEETING: NOV 27, 2012
Respectfully submitted,
Marie A. Shilka